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8 Quick Ice Breakers For Virtual Meetings With Your Team

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For the past few weeks, we tried to refrain from jumping on the remote working content bandwagon. Let’s face it, the web is full of guides, content & articles on ice breakers for virtual meetings or on how to engage your virtual meeting audience.

But hey, we all need a morale booster every once in a while, especially when working in isolation. In fact, over the last couple of weeks, our team has found ourselves suffering from Zoom burnout and endless video calls. Not good...

To make video calls a little more fun and also help stay connected, here are some quick & simple ice breakers you can try today:

Quick Ice Breakers For Virtual Meetings

1) Have People Show You Around Their Workspace

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is trying to find a balance and turning your home into a work place. While you’re probably aware that Meetingselect has started doing virtual venue tours, we recently tried something different during our own virtual meetings.

ice breakers for virtual meetings

Have someone in your team quickly show the others around their house or work space. Showing the personal side of things can help bond people together and create some authenticity. Have them explain their setup and why it works for them or what they when taking a little break. This works great for smaller team meetings.

2) Take A Virtual Meeting Team Photo or Record a GIF

Have everyone in your team make a funny gesture, bring in their pet, wear a silly hat or show the team their favourite coffee mug.

3,2,1 - Say Cheeeeeeesssseeeee Everyone

ice breakers for virtual meetings

This is fun and also makes great content for your social media or internal #WaterCooler channel or company newsletter.

3) Use Virtual Gestures

You might have a clear agenda and talking points for your virtual meeting, but sometimes team members don’t want to talk over someone else. Having microphones muted during virtual meetings is a good practice, but it also hinders people expressing themselves.

So instead of having only a few people speak, agree on a queuing system where people can basically make their point. A system could look like this:

  1. If no one is talking, you’re free to talk 💬
  2. Someone else is talking, raise one finger to indicate you want to go next ☝️
  3. If someone has their finger raised already, raise two fingers (and so on) ✌️
  4. You agree with someone, show your thumbs up 👌
  5. To express love, gratitude or happiness, put both hands together in a hear symbol ❤️

Not only creates a system like this more engagement, it’s also easy to follow, your meetings are faster and you people are generally happier.

4) Put some music on

The right music can help to create an excellent experience for your next virtual meeting. It not only gets people talking, it can also create the right energy or vibe.

If you’re using Zoom, just play the music on your computer, click ‘Share’ and tick the checkbox ‘Share computer sound’.

5) Name 5 things - quickly!

Who’s the quickest in naming 5 things starting with any given letter, like: Any name, any place, any animal or any company related information?

This is a game for the fast thinkers. The only rule: The team is only allowed to use the chat box.

6) Ten Things in common 🔟

This ice breaker for virtual meetings is a great warm-up for any brainstorming session of some sort. As a group, you need to come up with a list of 10 things that everyone has in common — we are all wearing shoes, own a MacBook, etc.

Another variation, if you have everyone working from home, is to find 10 items that everyone has in their immediate area — we all sitting on a chair, we all have a notepad, etc.

7) Play Some Trivia

What better way to break the ice during your virtual meeting than a fun trivia quiz. A friendly competition will energise your team and add a fun-factor.

At the start of every weekly team meeting, you can have 1-3 questions from different topics. It will make your team look forward to the next one.

8) Vote for The Best Virtual Background

Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Co. are the latest craze. Because let’s face it, no one wants to have their pet | toddler | wife or all of them walk in on an important sales call.

But if anyone is using a different virtual background, why not have a little competition and vote for the best ones? Personally, we love the Homer Simpson one on the bottom left. Agree?

9) Virtual Coffee Happy Hour

Zoom call with coffee
Photographer: Chris Montgomery | Source: Unsplash

Celebrating the end of another week in lockdown or a recent win? Take a break from everything and enjoy some quality time with your friends/colleagues over a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of Champagne.

Informal catch ups without an agenda are a great way to bond team members together and replace the water cooler chats typically happening in a real office environment.

We hope you try some of these ice breakers at your next virtual meeting. At Meetingselect, we’ve used the time of lockdown to work on new features, offer virtual venue tours, and bring our remote team closer together.

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