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“Our Goal is to become the Booking.com for Meetings and Workspaces”

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Meetingselect is pleased to announce that we are again a candidate for the FD Gazelle Awards 2021 region West. Meetingselect previously won an FD Gazelle (2012-2020) for eight years in a row. FD Gazelle represents Companies that showed at least 20% turnover growth from 2018 to 2020 and closed the last year profitably.

The winners will be awarded on November 25 during a major event in Theater Amsterdam.

"We have received an FD Gazelle 8 times, but each time we are so honored and very proud that we have been awarded ", says Judith Huisman Co-founder Meetingselect.

Meetingselect founders Anouk Roohé and Judith Huisman gave an interview for FD Magazine. In this interesting article you can read, how Meetingselect stays strong during Covid-19 and even managed to attract more Customers.

In addition, Anouk and Judith proudly tell in the Article what the future will hold. “Ultimately, we want to become the Booking.com of Meetings and Workspaces.”, Judith Huisman.

Click here to go to the article (in Dutch)!

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