12 Quirky Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Meeting Planners

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Ah Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year... until you begin struggling with gift ideas. In this season of giving, we've decided to lend a helping hand & create a go-to list last-minute Christmas gifts for meeting planners.

We've narrowed it down to our 12 personal favourites with something for every type of meeting planner you could dream of:

Christmas Gifts For Meeting Planners

Now, we know all (or most!) meeting and event planners are organised so, this really covers everyone. Here are some gift ideas that can help their natural organisational skills flourish.

#1 Chalkboard Wall Memos

Christmas Gifts For Meeting Planners

Let them organise their weeks at home or at work. These Chalkboard post-its turn any surface into a writing space, perfect for organising and are reusable!

These ones are our favourites and are of great value.

#2 Bamboo Monitor Stand

Christmas Gifts For Meeting Planners - Bamboo Stand

This funky monitor stand is the epitome of organisation. Help them keep their space neat, tidy and cute with this workplace essential.

We found this great one on Amazon.

For the Chatterbox...

The chatterbox of the workplace; the guy or gal that keeps us sane yet also can drive us mad (how do they do it?)

They already have the gift of the gab so, here are two other gifts that they might like.

#3 The Reusable Notepad

Quirky but practical – when everyone around them is busy let the chatterbox get as many thoughts as they want down on this wipe-able notepad. Get yours here.

#4 Do Disturb Sign

The perfect sign for the chatty meeting planner, a fun way to let people know their door is always open for a talk. Get one made here.

For the Coffee Addict...

Must. Have. Coffee.

Some people say that meeting planning and coffee go hand-in-hand. So, give them the caffeinated Christmas they’ve always dreamed of with these cute and quirky gifts

#5 Cold-brew at Home

If they love coffee task them with creating their own cold brew with this quirky kit. Challenge accepted! This one on Amazon has everything you need to get started.

#6 Espresso Candle

Drinking the coffee is only half the enjoyment, let the aroma live on for hours with this quirky scented candle, a cute gift for any coffee lover.

Our favourite is from Etsy; find it here.

For the Punctual...

Time is most certainly of the essence in the meeting planning world and we've got some quirky gift ideas to make sure nobody is late for a very important date!

#7 Personalised Calendar

Help your meeting planner keep their punctuality right through the New Year. Personalise the calendar with their favourite family pictures, hobbies or interests to give an added thoughtful touch. Vistaprint.com have some great options, check them out here.

#8 The Now Clock

..Or for the not so punctual.

This kooky clock is a great gift for our more tardy meeting planners, make sure they're never late again! Get yours here...

For the Phone Addict...

They could be hanging onto a cliff with one hand & their phone in the other; we all know one and we’ve got you covered in the gift department!

#9 Barely-there Phone Cover

This different take on a phone cover gives the best of both worlds; slick, sleek design and protection. We know your phone loving meeting planner will love this gift. Take a look at the collection here.

#10 Six Feet Phone Charger

A necessity for all for phone lovers. Let them stay comfy and connected to a plug 6.5 feet away. Here's one for a great price on Amazon

For the Grinch..

'All I want for Christmas... is for it to be over.'

Bah Humbug, we all know a Christmas Grinch but, even if your meeting planner isn't feeling festive we've got a few a-typical gifts that are sure to make them merry.

#11 A lump of coal bath set

An unusual gift perhaps for the slightly more good humored Grinch; a bag of coal that they can put to good use relaxing over the holiday period. We love this one available on Amazon.

#12 Noise-canceling headphones

Let your meeting planner block out the Christmas music (or just enjoy their own playlists) with these great noise-canceling headphones, great sound at a great quality.

These are a great choice from Currys PC World.

We hope you've found some giftspiration from this article for your meeting planner friends and family.

Wishing you a lovely Holiday Season from all of us at Meetingselect.

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