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Editorial Guidelines For Guest Bloggers & Suppliers

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At Meetingselect Insiders we want to inspire, share & educate meeting professionals around the world. If you’re interested in publishing guest articles on our site, please read the following guidelines carefully:

What topics do we write about ✍🏻✍🏽✍🏿

We mostly talk about meeting planning, venue sourcing & technology here, but you will sometimes see us approaching other topics as well - such a wellbeing, productivity and remote working tips related to the MICE industry.

Who is our target audience 🎯

Our audience are meeting & event planners who are incredibly enthusiastic about meetings & events. They love to get inspired by insights, insider tips etc. so we try to make Insiders into a hub of knowledge in the field of meeting & event planning.

What’s the submission process 📤

Submit your articles at marketing@meetingselect.com. We will review them within two weeks and send you our feedback. We always reply, regardless of whether or not we decide to publish your article - but if you haven’t heard back from us in two weeks’ time, drop us a follow-up, and we’ll send you an update. Sometimes, things can get quite busy here in Meetingselect-land.

Learn more about our link policy 🔗

We do not allow external links to other businesses in the actual article. However, you should absolutely hyperlink any source of information that supports your article, offers more information, or simply provides readers with data drawn from surveys, studies, and so on. Also, please keep in mind all links will be no-follow.

What about On-Page SEO 💻

We try to attract as many visitors to our site as we can - and for this reason, our articles are always optimized for the search engines. You don’t have to worry about that, though - send us your article as it is and focus more on the quality and relevance of the content, rather than making it Search Engine Optimized. We’ll take care of that during our editorial process - so yes, you might notice slight changes in the published form of the article you send to us.

And pictures 🖼️?

Obviously, if you’re a hotel and venue and have amazing pictures that we might not have, send them along. Otherwise, don’t worry too much about pictures - we have our own library of pictures to use.

What are the Style & Formatting rules 📝

No particular formatting rules here - we’ll edit your article to suit our blog article formats. We like to keep our Insiders blog professional & insightful. Also, try to avoid business language. Speak to our audience as if you were addressing one person instead of many.

How long should articles be❓

We like offering real value to our readers - and for this reason, we insist on receiving articles that are no shorter than 700 words. At the same time, it is probably best to keep your submission under 2000 words as well - but if you really feel the extra words would add even more value, go ahead and make your articles as long as you think it’s appropriate.

Reposting Policy 🔁

We do not accept articles that have been published anywhere else, not even on your personal website.

Bio/Headshot 😀

When you submit the article, please submit a short (100 words max) Bio and a headshot. Yes, you can use one link to your website in your Bio - but, same as all the other links, this too will be a no-follow :)

Copyright Issues ©

Not only will we not accept re-posts on our website, but we are very specific about the rights you will own once the article is published here as well. In particular, you will be allowed to use your article for your portfolio, and the article will definitely be associated with your name. However, do not re-post the article once it’s been published on Meetingselect Insiders. You risk your site’s SEO and ours too. If we discover you have copied anything from another website, we will automatically reject your submission - but the good news is that you will probably hear about this in much less than two weeks, as plagiarism is the first thing we check for when we receive guest author submissions.

What Headlines Should I Use

Focus on creating engaging, click-worthy headlines- but, at the same time, make sure they are not click-bait.

Where Should I Get Inspiration/Ideas From 💡

We love reading articles on Event Manager Blog, Smart Meetings, MeetingsNet, and other similar websites - so we’d be more than happy to see you are inspired by them and write your articles in a style that would suit the websites we follow.

Guest Blogging Guidelines
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