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European Meeting Cities: 5 Destinations You Might Not Have On Your Radar

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European meeting cities offer a lot to the global-thinking planner. In fact, Europe is the perfect place for meetings & events. The cultural diversity, the outstanding infrastructure, the proximity between major cities and low-cost travel make Europe a popular meeting destinations.

Amsterdam, London, Paris are among very popular European meeting cities, but have you considered holding your next meeting, conference or congress in of these 5 European meeting cities?

1) European Meeting Cities: Copenhagen, Denmark

European Meeting Cities - Copenhagen

Why Copenhagen? Copenhagen is the perfect place to hold your next meeting. With non-stop flights from over 140 destinations and only a short distance to the city center, this city is definitely walkable and easy to get around.

If you want to combine business with pleasure, you will also find a world-class selection of culture and leisure opportunities from opera, ballet, and concerts to sailing, hiking, and other activities.

Did you know - Copenhagen is also one of the greenest capitals in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people cycle across Copenhagen and the water quality in the harbour is so good that you can actually swim in it.

Best meeting venues in Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen Marriott Hotel - Located next to Copenhagen’s quaint harbor, the hotel is known for its great conference facilities and offers the perfect place to meet.
  • AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen - The 4-star hotel Bella Sky is the largest design hotels in Scandinavia, with a unique architecture and cool interior design.

2) European Meeting Cities: Munich, Germany


Nestled amid the breath-taking lakes and Alpine foothills of Upper Bavaria Munich is not only known for the best beer, bratwurst, BMW headquarters and “Lederhosen”, it’s also a first-class European congress and meeting destination.

Why Munich? The third-largest city in Germany has more than 1.5 million residents, is connected by top-notch modern infrastructure and an award-winning airport.

The perfect infrastructure also includes a variety of hotels and a wide variety of meeting venues. You can find anything from Royal residences to trendy spaces in the former industrial quarter, to ultra-modern conference centres.

Did you know - Munich’s city slogan was reduced from “Munich loves you” to “Munich likes you” (Source)

Popular meeting venues in Munich:

Berlin, Germany


Why Berlin? German’s vibrant metropolis provides the ideal environment for every meeting & event. The German capital provides extraordinary meeting facilities and great value for money paired with cultural offerings.

Berlin is called the capital of fun for a reason: The young, dynamic and cosmopolitan city is constantly re-inventing itself. New art exhibitions, theatre productions, opera houses, 180 museums and more than 1,500 events staged each day.

Did you know - In Berlin, a new startup opens for business every 20 minutes. The capital is an epicenter of startup culture and among the leading centres of business enterprise at a European level.

The Visit Berlin Convention Office provides you with great services and helps you organise your next meeting or event.

Popular Meeting Venues in Berlin:

  • FriedrichstadtPalast - located in the “East End” of Berlin’s hip nightlife mile this large show palace can be rented for meetings and conferences.
  • A-Lounge - Start your workshops, meetings, training courses with the correct ‘Einstiegsmotivation’.

Brussels, Belgium

European Meeting Cities - Brussels

Brussels has been ranked as the number one conference destination in Europe. Not only is the Belgian capital the hub for pharma & international associations, but it’s also within short reach to London, Amsterdam, Paris & Cologne.

With over 1 million square feet of exhibition space, Belgium’s largest exhibition center can accommodate up to 2,000 people. But even if you’re looking for a unique venue, Brussels offers museums, concert halls, sports centers, and historic castles as well.

Did you know - Brussels has 138 restaurants per square kilometer ranging from cheap eats to healthy options, to really special dining experiences.

Popular meeting venues in Brussels.:

  • Warwick Brussels - The Warwick Brussels boasts 15 spectacular meeting and conference rooms with varying dimensions, offering space for up to 250 guests.
  • Abbatoir - Abbatoir is a different kind of meeting venue, offering no less than 4.000m² of event and meeting space. No matter if you’re looking for a small (in-)formal gathering or a mega event with thousands of guest the Abbatoir is a very unique meeting space you should definitely check out.

Barcelona, Spain

European Meeting Cities, Barcelona

Barcelona is a fun, modern and artistic city and the largest city in Spain. Whether you’re looking for a large conference or more intimate gathering, Barcelona has just the right facility for you.

The city at the center of Catalan language and culture offers “just the right size” in terms of getting around. And Barcelona always has a nice surprise for you and your delegates: From unexpected events or marketing to an impromptu street party...things are always happening in Barcelona.

Did you know - In Barcelona you’ll find more than 160 different nationalities, a melting pot of cultures and languages that make this city one of Europe’s most popular meeting destinations.

Popular meeting venues in Barcelona:

  • Sir Victor - Set just off Barcelona’s grand, humming shopping boulevard—and a few doors down from Gaudí’s masterpiece Casa Milà, this popular meeting venue reflects and amplifies the vibrant, creative spirit of the city.
  • Hotel Palace - Situated on a pleasant, tree-lined boulevard in the center of the city, this hotel is near the historic Gothic Quarter and convenient to all points of interest.


You can tell, not everything is about London, Paris or Amsterdam. European meeting cities have a lot to offer.

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