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HD Venues nominated for the Horecava Innovation Awards!

HD Venues Nominated Horecava Innovation award 2022 1 min read

We can proudly announce that HD Venues is nominated! The Hybrid Meeting solution of Meetingselect is nominated for the Horecava Innovation Awards!

Meetingselect, the leading platform for booking meeting venues launches a innovative solution for facilitating online and hybrid events. With HD venues meeting venues have the ability to offer virtual/hybrid events in addition to in-person meetings, with their own software. With this Meetingselect ensures the venues that they will remain the contact person when organizing meetings and events.

The Horecava Innovation Award 2022 is the annual award for the best innovations in the Dutch foodservice industry. Horecava will present this prestigious award for the 21st time on 10 January 2022.

An Independent jury selected for the four categories 16 nominations. These 16 nominatons were chosen from over 120 entries. HD Venues is nominated in the category 'Digital, Apps & Social Media'.

Because of the new Corona measures Horecava has made the necessary arrangements to continue with the awards. The Event will happen in an alternatieve way than before, however it will be just as festive!

Click the picture for the nominations!
HD Venues Horecava Innovation award 2022
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