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How to Become a Certified Meeting Professional?

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During these crazy times where the entire hospitality has come to a halt due to Coronavirus, it's a good time to invest into your learning & professional development for when the crisis is over.

Therefore, calling all meeting planners! Are you interested in learning how to become a certified meeting Professional? Well, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ve answered the top questions surrounding how to become a certified meeting professional. So, what are you waiting for, read on and find out how you can boost your credentials.… 

Certified Meeting Professional

What is a Certified Meeting Professional certification?

The certified meeting professional (CMP) certification is one of the few certifications available within the hospitality industry. Administered by the MPI, the CMP is for event industry specialists with several years of experience, wishing to become an official certified meeting planner.

Like all education, attaining the CMP qualification increases earning potential and equips you with indispensable skills for future career opportunities. It’s also good to note that some hospitality jobs actually require candidates to hold the CMP designation to apply.

How do I get a Certified Meeting Professional certification?

To attain the CMP certification, applicants meet certain requirements and sit an exam. The first half of the application process requires applicants to meet specific education and employment criteria. This includes a combined amount of work experience within the industry along with a specific level of industry education. A detailed list of these requirements can be found here.

The second half of getting the CMP certification involves sitting and passing an exam. This exam consists of 165 multiple choice questions and 150 operational questions, divided into the following categories: Meeting and event design, site management, marketing, financial and contract management, strategic planning, project management, risk management, human resources, and stakeholder management. Candidates sitting the CMP exam must pass with a score of 55+.  The CMP exam costs $450 USD and is non-refundable. Applicants must also pay a non-refundable fee of $250 USD to cover the application submission.

If you are unsuccessful in the exam, you will have to wait to retake until the next quarterly exam window becomes available. So, why not make the most of your investment and check your eligibility for the CMP certification by taking this quiz.

Are there other Professional Certificates for Meeting Planning?

If the Certified Meeting Professional certification doesn’t tickle your fancy, then why not check out the professional certificates that are offered by other industry associations. One of the most popular is the Certified Meeting Management (CMM) designation. The requirements to earn these event planning certificates can be quite different.

To earn the CMM designation, applicants must have 7+ years of experience within the industry. On top of this, candidates must complete 25 hours of MBA-level classes, complete a final project.

However, not all professional certificate courses are so intense. For example, to earn the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate, eligible candidates only need to complete four hours of study.

But, there are limitations to these certificates. Many don’t allow you to put letters after your name. While others require you to refresh your credentials every couple of years.

Is the CMP certification worth it?

Overall, the Certified Meeting Professional certification has many benefits. As with any education, completing the CMP certification can boost earning potential and can open many doors for new career opportunities.

Those who have attained the CMP certification also have the privilege of adding those three letters after their name... something to separate you from the competition which many employers look out for.

We hope you enjoyed our blog 'How to become a Certified Meeting Professional'. Meeting planners, make your life easier - book and manage your meetings with Meetingselect today.

Certified Meeting Professional
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