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Did you know that the Domtoren is the highest church tower in the Netherlands? And that Utrecht has been voted the most beautiful canal city in Europe? Traverse the 2 kilometer long Oudegracht, and admire the old architecture of the canal houses. Or wait until it’s dark and enjoy the magical view of the illuminated route. Utrecht is the ideal location for meetings and other events! Three locations are highlighted below, perhaps your next destination?

Park Plaza Hotel Utrecht

Eat, meet and sleep under one roof

Regardless of the everchanging circumstances, at Park Plaza and art’otel, they are very excited to host meetings, events, inspiring brainstorm sessions, receptions and dinners again in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

You can expect central locations, everything under one roof, an expert team to adapt the space to your wishes, Radisson benefits for every event, and award-winning restaurants & bars that level up any get-together such as TOZI Amsterdam, ARCA Amsterdam, and Carstens Brasserie.

Book your guided tour today with our team to explore the possibilities for your next show-stopping event.

COVID Measures

From November 6th, 2021, wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public areas where no Corona Admission Ticket is required.

For access to the restaurant, after a successful test, guests will be subject to non-invasive temperature measurements using thermal imaging technology. This is for adults and children of all ages. If a guest's temperature is above 37.8 degrees Celsius, help will be offered and the guest must self-isolate in their room. If the guest of the restaurant is not staying at the hotel, they will be refused entry in a friendly manner.

It is currently prohibited to serve or consume alcohol in restaurants, bars or via room service after 8pm.

COVID-19 rapid tests are available for customers who book a meeting 3 weeks in advance.

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Centraal Museum Utrecht

Located in a medieval monastery complex in the heart of Utrecht, is the Centraal Museum; an unique, historic location with a contemporary interior where attention is paid to sustainability and comfort. This oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands offers a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for a large variety of gatherings. Whether it concerns an informal drink, a delicious dinner or an inspiring conference.

From art to culture, everything you want can be discussed at the museum. Furthermore, the space enables you to have an open mind, together with your desired participants. Rather with each other, then against each other. The solution rather than the confrontation. More open-mindedness than opinionated. More tranquility than insurgency.

All the profits made from meetings benefit the museum and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage in the city of Utrecht. You are most welcome!

COVID Measures

In accordance with the government's COVID measures, valid from November 6, 2021, the Centraal Museum Utrecht will check your corona ticket for access. This also applies to the museum café and terrace.

In the Centraal Museum, the ventilation installations are set up in accordance with the RIVM guidelines and good extraction and supply of fresh air are ensured. It goes without saying that measurements are taken regularly to keep monitoring whether the prescribed amount of fresh air (in m3 per person) is maintained for the safety of visitors and employees. The exhibition spaces have air conditioning systems that ensure a constant temperature of 22 degrees.

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Carlton President Hotel

Your perfect meeting or event at Carlton President!

A breath of fresh air in an urban vibe

Are you looking for a suitable location for a quick brainstorm, a longer training session with a number of teams, a multi-day conference, a private inspiration dinner or do you want to do something on a large scale with an inspiring event with talks and music? Then Carlton President Hotel in Utrecht (The Netherlands), is the right location for you! We are specialised in providing everything you need to facilitate the exchange of knowledge or ideas. Whatever atmosphere, ambiance, price level, snacks or meeting opportunities you are looking for, we make sure that you achieve your results!

The Perfect Meeting

We are fascinated by the interplay between environment and inspiration/idea generation. Carlton President is fully equipped to get the creative juices of our guests flowing. Make your meeting as simple or extensive as you want. From a simple booking with just water and coffee to a standard package with sandwiches or fully customised solutions (also vegan). Feel free to add what you need for the perfect meeting.

Carlton President Hotel Utrecht - Living - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©
Carlton President Hotel Utrecht - Meeting - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©

What do you want to achieve?

Cosy, large, quiet, playful, serious, industrial or intimate. There are lots of different options. A team-building event requires a different kind of room than a quiet presentation with dimmed light. We are happy to work with you to help you decide which room is best suited to what you want to achieve!

You can make use of the public rooms and meeting rooms throughout the whole hotel – so you can sit somewhere private, meet people or enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Carlton President Hotel - Lobby - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©
Carlton President Hotel - Lobby - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©

Love what you do

For years we have had one aim: to create an environment that inspires entrepreneurs with new ideas, take action and relax. Throughout the whole hotel you will find an exciting mix of open spaces, a variety of seating areas, intimate places, inspiring rooms, and a soundproof Boost. In addition, our guests can stay in one of our comfortable rooms!

Food for thought - If you work hard, you want to eat well

Energy: the main ingredient for the dishes and drinks on our menu. As you walk in, you are met by the delicious smell of home-made gingerbread and you can sample our typical Utrecht biscuits. Fresh fruit, fruit water, fresh tea or fresh orange juice - help yourself to as much of these as you want. Everything is possible!

We love to make individuals, teams and groups feel completely at home. Whatever you want to organise and whatever culinary requirements you have, the kitchen staff or our restaurant One24 will surprise you!

Carlton President Hotel - Restaurant - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©
Carlton President Hotel - Restaurant - Hugo Thomassen Photographer ©

Innovation in Carlton President

We are proud to provide facilities that enable innovation, strategy and change management. In Carlton President companies, municipalities, hospitality partners, funds and charity organisations come together with their teams to brainstorm on the future. Innovation is often the result when different ways of thinking are brought together and in here, we provide just the vibe you need!

COVID Measures

From the 13th of November for the upcoming three weeks, hotel-, meeting- and local day guests are required to be in possession of a valid personal code in the Corona Check App. This is applicable for all guests from the age of 13 years. Carlton President is a QR location and the 1,5 meter rule is not applicable within the hotel. The next three codes in the Corona Check App are valid:

  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Proof of Recovery
  • Not vaccinated? A valid test proof is also accepted.

No mobile phone or the option to download the app on your phone? Print the vaccination or test proof via The document you received with the results of your PCR test, are also valid printed as entrance admission. Your registration Corona vaccination and yellow vaccination booklet are also acceptable.

When you cannot fulfil the points mentioned above, entrance to the hotel will be denied. In this case there will be no restitution available for the booked rooms, arrangements or meeting spaces.

The ONE24 restaurant is open on a daily basis until 20:00. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is still possible. Do you want to dine after 20:00 and you booked a hotel room? Then Carlton is happy to provide a table in your room and enjoy in-room dining.

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