written by
Faisal Khan

Meetingselect selected for the Techleap Rise Accelerator Programme

Company News 1 min read

Meetingselect has been selected for the Techleap Rise programme, as one of the leading dutch scale ups.

Techleap is a non-profit organisation that helps to build the tech ecosystem in Netherlands. They encourage people and their tech companies to grow with programs and initiatives for improving access to capital, market and talent.

The programme is exclusively for tech players that is committed to maximising their chances for success. They offer engagement and networking with peers and entrepreneurs, it will help raise Meetingselect’s profile through their own PR, social, marketing, and through media partners, multinational’s and government contacts. The programme also has famous entrepreneurs such as Pieter van der Does (Adyen), Ali Niknam (Bunq), Derrick Roos (Mendix)

This is a great opportunity for Meetingselect to become a leader in technology and the tech economy, as well as helping them grow.

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