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Outdoor Bilderberg: unique outdoor meeting places

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Spring is here! Are you already looking for your next meeting location? Finding the right location can be a difficult quest, where you can't see the wood for the trees. Bilderberg has the solution: find your location among those trees and go outside!

Outdoor Bilderberg
All Bilderberg locations are situated in beautiful surroundings, so for a break in nature you only need to go outside. Besides meeting outside, you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks and nature is a perfect backdrop for the most enjoyable activities! So get to know Outdoor Bilderberg: Meet, eat and play outside.


Meet Outside
Meet Outside mainly focuses on the unique meeting places outside the hotel. At only 10 minutes walking distance from Hotel 't Speulderbos there is a unique Witches' Circle where you meet on tree trunks in the woods. Or how about meeting in the secret city garden of the Parkhotel Rotterdam? This inspiring place provides for meetings, events, drinks and parties that sparkle from start to finish, right in the city center of Rotterdam. But the fruit orchard in the rolling hills of South Limburg is also a unique place to meet outdoors. And it is just in the backyard of Kasteel Vaalsbroek.


Eat Outside
Enjoying food and drink in the open air provides a real boost of energy and also creates connection. Compose your own meal, for example. That way you will get to know each other and each other's tastes even better. Or welcome everyone at the end of a meeting outside in an atmospheric setting with burning fire baskets. The smells of the barbecue and the musical accompaniment of a singer-songwriter ensure an unforgettable evening.


Play Outside
When you have fun together, a close bond is created. You create memories together, share experiences and this forms the basis for successful cooperation. Playing Outside is therefore a program component we can recommend to everyone. From taking a walk in the woods and doing various assignments in the meantime, to an Expedition Robinson obstacle course in the hotel garden, these are just some of the possibilities.


Will you go outside with us this year? We look forward to showing you our beautiful locations. Can't wait? You can visit all of our hotels online here. Enjoy springtime and see you at Bilderberg!

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