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Unique Meeting Venues in Belgium

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Do you want to organize a good brainstorming session at an inspiring location or are you looking for a hotel with history and charm in Belgium? Unique Meeting Venues in Belgium can be found all over the country. Belgium is easy to reach and it has many places with beautiful nature.

Let me introduce you to two different unique meeting venues in Belgium: Hotel Franq in Antwerp and Het Melkhuisje near Mechelen. Where do you book your next meeting?

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Hotel FranQ

The many cities, quiet villages and places with beautiful nature, sometimes makes it difficult to discover unique meeting venues in Belgium. For example, Hotel FranQ, located in Antwerp and is absolutely a beautiful hidden gem! This boutique hotel is the place for meetings in Antwerp.

The hotel's location is in the center and a stone's throw from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-athedral and the luxurious shopping area of Groenplaats. You don't have to worry about the food because The hotel has 1-star Michelin restaurant with Tim Meuleneire as executive chef. FranQ is characterized by it’s historical charm and contemporary urban-chic.

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Het Melkhuisje

Het Melkhuisje is located in Bonheiden at a quiet location surrounded by nature. Perfect for your next meeting if you are looking for a venue outside the city. This venue is in a green area and people feel right at home here - plus, it's also centrally located in Belgium!

In Het Melkhuisje, a safe environment is provided and caution is also different for everyone. Therefore, the right precautions are present so that everyone feels comfortable and safe:

  • The room setups are corona-proof;
  • The venue is exclusive for your meeting bubble;
  • Routing is simple and safe;
  • Sufficient windows for ventilation;
  • Twice daily sanitary disinfection;
  • Forgot your mouth mask? No worries, they have them;
  • Hand gel and paper tissues always present;
  • Meetings and taking breaks in open air are possible
  • No cozy big candy jars, but each with their own 'grab jar'.🍭 .

Pleasant meetings in a responsible manner!

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Unique Meeting Venues in Belgium: Het Melkhuisje
Het Melkhuisje in Bonheiden


We love to organize a good brainstorming session at an inspiring location. Just like in the Netherlands, there are countless unique meeting venues in Belgium. Hotel Franq is perfect for your meeting if you are looking for a venue in the city and that has charm. Het Melkhuisje is excellent if you and your group want to go to a place outside the city and where you can be inspired by nature.

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