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Hotel Tech Trends for 2021

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Technology dominates all aspects of our lives, and for the most part it makes our lives easier, convenient and more efficient. This article will look at the hottest Hotel Tech Trends for 2021, and hopefully give some valuable insight into how technology is changing the hotel industry.

1. WiFi 6

WiFi 6 - Fast and efficient

WiFi 6 is perhaps the biggest hotel tech trend for 2021. Just like 5G it is the next version of WiFi, faster and more efficient. With the amount of smart devices that people use and will continue to use, a speedy WiFi connection is a necessity. WiFi 6 will not only improve guest experience but will also help with any smart devices to improve the back end operations. Hotels that start implementing this technology will definitely gain a competitive edge.

Click here to find out more details about WiFi 6

2. Big Data

Big Data - Data is the new oil

Big Data has been vital in the past and will continue to be a hotel tech trend for 2021. Data is valuable across all industries and the hospitality industry is no exception. gathering data for consumer insights can be beneficial for hotels in numerous ways. This includes and is not limited to a hotel’s marketing strategy, tailoring offers to a specific customer demographic, pricing and much more. Big data has the power to help make important decisions in all aspects of managing a hotel

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) - Create an immersive experience

Since the world is still in the midst of a global Pandemic, we could see virtual reality become an integral part of hotels, which is why it makes our list of hotel tech trends for 2021. Guests and planners are looking for places to visit and host their events from home. Virtual Reality can help give a more immersive experience with virtual tours. There is no need for a VR headset, a virtual tour can be viewed from any device and is much better than just scrolling through pictures. Hence, VR is the latest technology trend in the hospitality industry.

Click here for some examples of virtual hotel tours to spark some ideas

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Create personalised experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical piece of technology for hotels and other technologies are dependent on AI. Hence it is no surprise that AI is a hotel tech trend for 2021. The main goal of AI is to provide guest with a seamless and flawless experience. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • analysing preferences for tailor-made guest packages
  • proactively interpreting equipment maintenance
  • personalising the overall guest experience

5. Service Automation

Service Automation - Quick and efficient

Self-service technology is starting to take over many aspects of hotels in order to make the process faster, efficient and more streamlined. The most obvious way is having self-service kiosks for check-in and registration. However, there is more to it for example personalised questionnaires to enhance the guest experience and the ability for guests to pre-select amenities and services. Service automation has a lot of potential to benefit hotels and is a fast emerging hotel tech trend for 2021.

6. Robots

Robots - Be Covid secure

Robotics is developing rapidly and can play a huge part in hotels. Perhaps the most useful way is keeping hotel Covid-friendly, for example roombas for vacuum cleaning, killing germs and other housekeeping tasks. The use of robots doesn’t stop there, robots can assist with luggage transportation, 24/7 tourist guidance and much more. The benefits robots can bring to hotels is quite vast and therefore is a hotel tech trend for 2021 to keep an eye on.

7. Cyber Security

Cyber Security - Protect Yourself

Just like any other industry, the hospitality industry is vulnerable to cyber attacks, loss of customer data, ransomware, phishing and more. As the world becomes more digital, it is very likely that these attacks will increase. Therefore, cyber security is perhaps the most important hotel tech trend for 2021. Hotels need to continuously invest in training and the most up to date cyber security tools. Hotels are a big target for cyber attacks as they have large amounts of customer data.


The technologies mentioned make our list for the top hotel tech trends for 2021, as they could significantly impact the way hotels operate. Each technology can help hotels become more efficient and improve guest experience. Hopefully this article helps hotel managers stay ahead of the curve in regards to technological trends.

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